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About me

一个平凡人. 程序员生涯在 LinkedIn 可以查看. 目前在打造一个有干货的讨论组, 有兴趣请加 QQ 群:170418411

Experienced in C, C++ and PHP, familiar with HTML,CSS and Javascript Web design and We-chat development.

Contributor of WineHQ, had sent more than 20 patches about VC++ runtime(msvcr/msvcp). Some of them are the implementation of tr2::Filesystem Library, tests of tr2::Threads and implementation of complex istream and ostream::operator. See

Accepted by Google Summer Of Code 2015, project is implementing Filesystem functions from tr2 namespace on Wine.

Good at Mathematical Modeling, second prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Objective: Seeking for intern in C/C++, PHP or Python area. Full-Time available from September 14.

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douban: YongHao_Hu

zhihu: YongHao_Hu

Twitter: YongHao_Hu